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Feb. 4th, 2006 | 07:38 pm
posted by: marksmyfriend in umd_gamers

It comes with 56 xbox games. and a bajillion nintendo, super nintendo, genisis, nintendo 64 games on the hard drive. It comes with two controllers, a dvd remote and a Dance Dance Revolution pad. The only drawback is that the second two controller ports dont work.
225$ Or best offer.
heres a list of the games....

Gta SA
metal slug 3
psi ops
splinter cell pandora tomorrow
Tony hawk underground
Tony hawk underground 2
halo 2 (french version, but with subtitles)
burnout 3
burnout 2
Def Jam Fight for NY
Sould caliber 2
Capcom vs snk 2
mvpbaseball 2004
links 2004
baulders gate 2
rally sport
"vice 64" (I dont really know what that one is)
kill switch
Need for speed underground
vietnam shellshock
tenchu 3
max payne 2
moto trax
morrowind, game of the year edition
guilty gear x reloaded
euro sport 2k4
deus x
nba ballers
Jet set radio future
sega gt 2002
mortal kombat Deadly allaiance
Dancing stage unleashed
Red dead revolver
the suffering
ssx 3
driver 3
top spin
death row
arx fatalis
toca racing 2
breakdown (might be buggy)
kelly slater pro surfing
midnight club 2
beyond good and evil
teenage mutant ninja turtles 2
Rainbow six 3
X Men
Rainbow six black arrow

email me at Marksmyfriend@hotmail.com with any questions or if you are interested.


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